How Can You Make Your Roof Safe Before Storm Season

One of the most important things that you can do is to make your roof storm safe before storm season. Storm season in Brisbane is just around the corner. This is because by the time the weather changes and the storms are just around the corner, the roof needs to be well maintained. A well maintained and regular checks carried out will prevent your roof from requiring a complete roof restoration.

Problems such as leaks which can be a cause for headache and because it is hard to contain them. During the storm season, the storms do not give much time for repair services to be performed. This is the reason why they need to be done before such changes occur. Depending on the kind of roof that one is using, the requirements might be different. This is why you need to first of all determine which roof you have.

  • Shingle roofs

These are the roofs that are used in most places. Their popularity is brought in by different features including the fact that their life span goes to 15 years. They have several warning signs that need to be looked at before storm season. This includes when the granules wear off leaving the shingle materials open to the elements. It is at such a point that the degradation process sets in. The UV rays of the sun also have the effect on the materials whereby they make them easy to break. During a storm, they become very easy to crack and rip off.

  • Metal roofs

When your metal roofs have been correctly installed, they can be the best option to protect against storms. Their durability extends to well over 30 years which means that they are long-lasting. When you have one already installed, signs of aging, paint which has faded as well as loose screws are all signs that they require maintenance. This shows that it should be taken care of early enough before the storm season sets in.

  • Flat roofs

For a person with a flat roof, the worst can happen when the pressure of the wind increases causing uplift. This is because the wind blows over the edges. These roofs need to be placed by a professional person who understands the importance of anchoring them properly. It is after this process that it should be well installed. The deck of the roof requires to be attached in a secure way to trusses. After this has been done, the trusses should then be bound and fastened down.

  • Tile roofs

Although these roofs are known to be among the most beautiful ones, they can easily be torn off by strong winds. This is possible if it happens that the tiles had not been installed properly. One of the ways that you can make your roof safe before storm season is by examining the tiles and the way they have been put in. While inspecting for cracks make sure the paint is ok on the tiles and the mortar because if the mortar is exposed to the elements it will degrade and require painting. The you may have to a roof painting expert to paint your complete roof.