Pool Repairs and Renovations

Professional Concrete Pool Repair

Do you have a concrete pool and it has developed some cracks, is losing water or suffering from algae attack? Is your pool made of bare concrete or any other surface and you would want to make it safer while at the same time giving it Interiors.jpg sparkle again. As your swimming pool advances in age, you will start noticing that it is losing the shimmer and this is time for you to call for professional concrete pool repair. We offer quality swimming pool repair services at affordable rates thus helping you enjoy the waters again without any stress.

An over worn or damaged pool interior normally increases the cost of swimming pool maintenance while at the same time facilitating for the loss of expensive chemicals needed for water treatment. This in return puts the pool users at risk of abrasion and cuts, making your concrete pool an unpleasant place for relaxation.

Platypus Pools offers you professional concrete pool repair services covering different areas including Ballina, Brisbane including Gold Coast. We have more than 25 years of experience which helps us to offer residential and commercial pool owners more than cosmetic repairs thus guaranteeing reliable results. We have the expertise in swimming pool interior and pool restoration work offering different pebble applications such as beardcrete quartzon, GeoPebble and marble among others.

We pride in offering trouble-free concrete pool repair for homeowners in a friendly environment helping give your pool a beautiful look. We handle different shapes and sizes of concrete swimming pools and there is no project that is too big or too small for us. We will perform flawless concrete pool repairs or renovations guaranteeing fantastic results affordably and conveniently. No matter the current state of your swimming pool, we are committed to repairing it in a way that will save you the stress of not being able to keep it clean.

We advise on the importance of carrying our timely pool repairs to reduce the extent of damage likely to arise from pool water reaching the pool structure. Our pool renovators are licensed and skilled to produce absolutely fantastic results. We not only promise to handle your pool’s interior but also the surrounding areas thus accentuating different pool elements to create a spectacular aquatic atmosphere are prices that are highly affordable.

At Platypus Pools, we have a growing list of highly satisfied customers who have benefited from our professional concrete pool renovations. We service the Brisbane to Ballina including the Gold Coast. We’ve handled some astonishingly beautiful repairs and renovations in the past 25 years and this gives us the confidence to handle all manners of projects within a short notice. all our concrete pool repairs will help improve the value of your property. Platypus Pools are known for professional pool construction and repairs within Australia and has secured the loyalty and services a highly enthusiastic and competent team of professionals who repair concrete pools to the supreme highest standards so as to meet your demands.

All our concrete pool repair services will help boost the safety of your pool, its aesthetic appeal and extend its lifespan. All this is guaranteed at highly competitive rates while giving the assurance of durability. Call us today for world-class pool repairs.